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Lívia’s story

Ten years ago, I discovered my true passion by specializing as a dermatology and massage therapist. Since then, I have focused on offering facials, cleanses, lymphatic drainage and relaxing body and facial massages customized for each of my clients, which has allowed them to feel better about themselves.

In 2017, I decided to expand my knowledge in the world of beauty and specialized in restorative aesthetics, focusing my attention on camouflaging stretch marks, scars and dark circles under the eyes. Over time, I have also acquired skills in the technique of 3D areolar correction and reconstruction. This experience has empowered me to offer highly effective and personalized solutions to my clients, making a difference in each treatment and raising the quality of my advanced aesthetic services.

Before I found my true passion in life, I tried to study Business Administration in Brazil in 2003, but I felt that something was missing. However, I never stopped searching for my path and finally found my calling in the world of beauty and wellness. Now, I am dedicated to helping my clients feel better about themselves through personalized and effective treatments. If you are looking to improve your physical and emotional well-being.

Expert in aesthetics and treatments with 10 years of experience. Discover my dedication and the key tool at Belleza y Estética BCN.

Mission and vision

guide people towards greater self-esteem and satisfaction with their personal image. We collaborate to create a world without fear and foster deeper self-love. We seek to expand our method and exceptional care internationally, reaching more people in need of our services.

We aspire to contribute to a world where trust and well-being reign. Discover how our unique dedication can make a difference, providing specialized treatments and expert care. Together, we are part of a quest to transform lives and nurture self-acceptance in every corner of the world.

Barcelona , Since 2018

Specialist in stretch marks, scars, blemishes and dark circles under the eyes.

By Lívia Gaspar